Zetabrand (zeta) was founded by Nhazul and Tentionmaru on Fluidanims.

They had many adventures together and fought many foes and evil RHGs. being inspired by DragonBallZ, they all have defferent super saiyan forms and invented a new style of stick figure. They started the path of freedom for all RHGs.

Andre vs nhazul

They later it broke off of Fluidanims after Nhazul sparred with Andre for his right to lead his own group of Rock Hard Gladiators

All of the zeta members have a sign of style and awesomeness. This RHG Clan has a few OP RHGs and they are really cool :3  visit them here zeta youtube channel  zeta facebook page

Zetabrand generation

main members: Nhazul , Tentionmaru , Ichimaruu , Kixx , FoxnQ , Shibuya  and there nemesis Descrye


THEME: Over the top, Stylish, Brash, Intense, We shoot for cool, and there is no shame in it

After the merge they inspired more RHGs to join them, and continue to do so. Such RHGs known as VirusKid, Shuriken, Klimaru, Shura (dracko)

Feel free to checkout the links to their DevianArts

Nhazul  Tentionmaru  Kidkei  Shibuya  Kixx  ichimachuu

VirusKidShurikenKlimaru  Shura (dracko)neon drane