Yupia comes from a wealthy, higher class family of biological scientists and she had been the target of multiple experiments since childhood, due to the operation she has lost her eyes, but all of her other senses had exceeded the norm.

Because of her family's greed, she reduced her state of human nature and wished to rise above humanity. She has been seeking power since her early ages to make up for her lack of sight, and to quench her thirst for the power she wishes to use the worlds knowledge against it.

Powers and Abilities

Her abilities consist of but are not limited to Extra Sensory Perception, Agility, And the ability to shoot Plasma From her blade, however, the use of this Plasma will consume the fluid that keeps her alive in replacement for blood. Once the liquid running through her body is close to drained dry, she'll become malfunction. Her vision tunnels towards killing her opponent at any cost, regardless of whether she loses her own life doing so.

Her weapon is a single long razor blade with no handle that's carried on her back, and this is also connected to her scarf, which can be used to gives an extra range or to wield it on her back while not in use.
Yupia by edalie by x tremefa-d71ajd4


Yupia has currently been in no battles yet other than a cancelled one with Umbrella, which can be seen here. In this battle Yupia did not have her weapon.