Umbrella is a new generation original Rock Hard Gladiator, created by Resh from Stickpage. He works for a military division, and similar to The French, he is also a hitman, Agent 26, code name: Umbrella. Umbrella uses a high powered umbrella as his weapon, similar to how YoYo used a yo-yo as his weapon. Umbrella's weapon is good for long range, short range and defensive attacking, it can also be disguised as a household object, which gives him the ability of stealth. Umbrella himself is pretty weak, (not the strongest cookie) Relies heavily on his ability to wield his weapon and is nothing without it.  The head of his division is Commander Red, the commander assigns him targets, these target are all past members of FA, and it is his duty to eliminate them(the hunter). Umbrella has recently joined NEMESIS as an undercover member.

Like all agents, he doesn't talk much, but he is slowly dying. His commander has been using hydrogen cores on him to improve his speed and perfomance in combat, but it is having a radioactive side-effect to his body. However, there are more other Umbrella Troppers ready to replace him as soon as one dies.