Turkid is a dark green stickman who is part of the Rock Hard Gladiators and he is part of the Crysis RHG Clan. He likes to think that he is a stickman version of a super saiyan! He is a new generation RHG and when his hands light up you know he's just starting to get dangerous. His attacks are light and might not hurt much but when his lands light up the pain comes! He is not really in to hardcore but tries to be it anyway to fit in with his team. He has tested how good he was before by challenging a member on his team named Red blade even though they were on the same team they were pure enemies. His attacks were nothing to Red blade they were very weak then Red blade countered one of his attacks and crashed him into the ground thus winning the battle. Turkid lost that battle and didn't even prove he was good all he proved was that he basically, sucked since he couldn't beat Red blade. But maybe some day his team of Crysis will notice him.

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