Top Stick
Top Stick is a an animation with all the greatest stick figures in history battling it out until death
 These stick figures are the best and baddass of there kind

List of Characters

Xxiao Xxiao from Xiao Xiao series

Mr Red from Shock

Henry Stickmin from Henry Stickmin Series

Ghostfighter1 and Ghostfighter2 from Ghost Fighters: Battle of Sword


MicWizard from RHG and MicWizard

Jase From Killing Spree

Nhazul From Rhg and Licence to Combo

Chosen One From Animation vs Animator

Fancy Pants From Fancy Pants Adventures

Mr Pix From RHG

Andre From RHG, Combo Factory and Andre's Adventure

Blue2 From Zack Hix

Vinnie From Sift Heads

Eztoon From Doors Animation

AOL: Instant Messenger From Animation vs Animator

Munch: From RHG

Joe Zombie From Joe Zombie series

Red and Blue From Dick figures

Johnny Rocketfingers From Johnny Rocketfingers

Mad Faise From Unknown

F@&k Yeah From F@&k Yeah Meme

Default Pivot From Pivot Animation

Mr Game n Watch From Nintendo and Super Smash Bros

The Wizard From Demonic Defense or Stick Wars

CT_CARL1337 From Counter Stick

The Black Stick Figure that is from Battlefield

The Ancient For Castle Series

Hug Person From Hug Person

You can edit it to add more because there's more stick figures that I missed

watch it here  

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