The French is an original Character created by Avanz. He joined RHG as a competitor in the RHG tournament back on Fluidanims. His memorable showcase was him defeating FLLFFL. He is not an actual stick figure but more of a figure mechina, who detroyed stick figures.

"He is French." He has electrical magnatised fist. The French can not be killed very easily ,seeing that his body parts are already unattached (possibly magnatism). How ever Avanz did state that "If we touch his tie, he becomes crazy and can't control his movements." He is also a hired hitman, it is unknown who the employer was or what was the purpose. He is a square like figure, wearing a suit & tie, along with a pair of sunglasses. His mission was to assassinate a killer and receive 3 million euros.

The French was also fetured in a short series created by Avanz. It was called "The French History". However it only had two episodes, a 3rd was in the process, but was never released. Avanz retired from RHG, left Fluidanims and started working for MondoTV.

Find his newgrounds animations here and his youtube animations here


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