Sylo is an Official Dojo Duelist created by Sylo.


Sylo appears to be a very quiet yet strong-minded, bookworm.

Character Bio

A young man named Sylo get applied to the seals to kill Osama Bin Ladin. Before Sylo could get to Bin Ladin, He gets exploded by a grenade. He goes back to the hospital to get fixed up, and goes to an MRI machine. Something goes wrong and the machine starts to radiate Sylo. Sylo healed very fast, and gained these powers that you can see in the DEMO. He later goes up to a mountain, finds an asteroid and builds a sword out of it. The world has seen nothing yet.

Weapon / Power

Name of Weapon

"Diane" Sylo's Sword, named after his first love.

Name of Power 

  • Super Strength: Has super strength.
  • Super Speed: Goes very fast, but when uses this ability, he glows bright red.


Strength, Can out-smart someone, agility, etc...


Without his sword he is almost useless. (except for his Military training) not very good at stealth.

Duelist Statistics

Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History: None

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