swords and daggers
nothing really except being lazy and hanging out with his girlfriend he met at a bar (Anna)
First appearance
A smart and awesome Stickman adventure 2 2000
John2938(old team member), Olivia(old team member), Derek (old and deceased team member), Anna (his girl friend)
Other games or series Sticky may appear in
Fighters Rampage Legends, One hit Wonders, Stick RPG, , and Run Sticky, Run!
Anna(wife), Alice(daughter),
John Bausal or StickyBarnett

Sticky is a stickman and is known to be on the old game on stick page called adventures of a very smart stickman which might not be found on stickpage anymore but he is known to be bald in his appearance like a regular (original) stickman with no face or with long hair, a face and cool sun glasses, is also known to maybe have many arms! He is married to Anna and they had a child and her name was Alice He is animated by John Bausal. He wanted to be a Rock Hard Gladiators. FUN FACT: The creator of Sticky (John Bausal) used to be friends with the creator of Red Blade (MarkXD) 

Gallery of Pictures

File:Awesome cool Sticky.png
File:The Ultimate stickman battle Sticky vs Mr.Red!.png
File:Cool Sticky.png
File:Sticky = Adventures of a very smart and awesome Stickman.gif
File:Sticky & Anna.png

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