Stickpage generation 1

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Rock Hard Gladiators (RHGs) moved to Stickpage when its murge with Fluidanims, and the new rhg generations were born. Crazy Jay is the first RHG on stickpage, and its leader,. He then lead stickpage with Andre after the merge as the new generation of RHG begun. And new RHGs have sprung up every day since

Fluidanims era2

some rhgs have broken off into groups, called RHG Clans, and they are many battles everyday.

but after the intervention of Hyun's Dojo, many RHGs went there. stickpage does not host a free animation portal like Hyun's Dojo, so for you to showcase your anims there, you would need a DeviantArt account (DA), so that you can upload your anims and post links to your animation on stickpage forum. For example: Geo/Mr. Pix DA account