The abbreviation is SMWF and is a roster that is no longer available to wrestle in and was where wrestlers used to wrestle and now those wrestlers are legends. Only the best legends would have made it here. Anyway now most of those legends retired and some of them still wrestle in Stickman Wrestling School You could only defeat your opponent by a pin or submission. You must grab both opponents legs and lay on the them until the referee counts 1-2-3. If they kick out to show that they were not knocked out or want to keep to keep going by pushing you off before 3 then the match keeps going. If you were in a submission and you can't get out you must tap out by putting your hand on the mat and tapping it on there. It took lots of training to get there. So anyway I will list the wrestlers from the most best to least best Blocky Marina, Dead Man, God of War, Bulk Roman, Ron Mikes, Crist Berrycold, Joseph Stickler, Grunter Glirst Glemsly, Jett Bart, Dandy Ravage, and Bone Mold. Now I will list the wrestlers that retired and still wrestle starting with the wrestlers that retired and the ones that retired are Bulk Roman(old age), Jett Bart(leg injury), Joseph Stickler(no reason), God of War(death), Dandy Ravage(death), Ron Mikes(fired), and Bone Mold(neck injury) and the wrestlers who still wrestle in SMWS are Blocky Marina, The Deadman, Grunter Glirst Glemsly, and Crist Berrycold.

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