Dipi rhg


Orange #FF4611
rum bottles(occasionally)
toxic absorption, super strength, regeneration, martial artist
Formal State
Original RHG

Sober is a longshoreman Rock Hard Gladiator who has an insane passion for drinking. Originaly from Stickpage. This orange stickfigure wears a grey thug hat and is constantly poor. He spends most of his days sailing, working or drinking at the pub, while watching wrestling matches on the local's tv.

Ironically his name is an opposite to his portrait. "Sober can enpower himself by drinking alcohol, as well as replenish his stamina by doing so. When drunk, he's one the strongest melee fighters around, capable of winning over any foe with his bare hands".
-He never runs out of bottles, giving him the possibility to throw them at his opponents while also being able to drink (Drunken style). Like all drunken fist masters, "Sober is at his weakest when he doesn't drink" Alcohol naturally runs out by time and/or fighting and he needs to continously replenish himself, By not giving him a chance to drink while fighting greatly hinders him. Sober also fears fighter that go beyond human capabilities.(superpowers, robots, spirits, auras, magic, ecc.) But he is always up for a good challenge and may smash some skulls in his free time. He is a known brawler, a jolly good drunk bastard and a member of the Crysis Clan.

find him here: sober's anims

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