Shock is a video made by Terkoiz and is the first in the Shock Trilogy (quartet if you count Shock More). This is one of the videos that define Terkoiz for the awesome animator that he is.

Plot Synposis

In the beginning, Mr.Red walks into a restricted area heavily guarded by grunts. One of the guards stops him from entering. In response, Mr.Red hands him a card explaining his purpose for entering: to get a job as a janitor. As the guard tries to make sense of the card, Mr.Red takes advantage of an opening and murders/knock the guard out so he can enter. However, the other grunts notice the commotion and attempt to constrain him to no avil as his martial arts/tae kwon doe/ karate expertise far supasses their meager fighting techniques and weapons. Even when hundered of them all attack him at once-resulting in a dogpile on Mr.Red-he still fends them all off using his incredible agility and incredible fighting ability. It is only when he gets to the top that he faces a real problem: a goliath sized grunt is there waiting for him. Mr.Red attempts to fight him only to get mercilessly beat up. Taking pity on poor soul, Mr.Green-the boss-makes himself known by creating a dual ended spear for Mr.Red to use much to the shock of his employees. With a new tool in his possesion, Mr.Red easily overcomes the stick giant and muals the others. Finally, with all the grunts either beat senseless or dead, Mr.Green hops of the stage and teleports all the dead away. He decides to allow Mr.Red to take his final test and it's clear these two are about to have a splendid time getting to know each other.


  • Mr.Red - a red stick man who is ridiculously talented in the art of fighting. His highly enhanced speed, power, and senses serve him well in combat.
  • Grunts - Various black colored stickpeople who have very basic fighting abilities and serve as guards for the facility. They seem to be Mr.Greens employees.
  • Stick Giant- A towering black stick person who could easily crush normal sticks to the ground. He is invincible to normal attacks but is easily dispatched by Mr.Greens spear.
  • Mr. Green - A green stick person who seves as the boss of the facility. When he poofs all the dead grunts out of existance, it is heavily implied that he weilds highly advanced combat skills just like Mr.Red.


  • Had it not been for the two main characters, the animation would practically have been in black and white.