He is a stickman who comes around every year, once a year wearing a red and white hat. Kids believe in him but adults don't. He delivers presents to people at night when they are sleep so they don't see him. He defeats any robbers at night and rides on a slay too. One time he was going to Rice's house when he was sleep. Then all of a sudden YoYo, Rice's brother. Was sleeping right by the Christmas tree then he woke up and saw Sanstone. Sanstone didn't want anyone seeing him so he tried to fight YoYo. But obviously YoYo won the fight and delivered a combo with his yoyo to him. Waking Rice up as he watched with popcorn and was laughing even though Sanstone lost it doesn't matter because fighting isn't even his thing!
File:20 Second Yoyo Combo on Sanstone

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