Rhg tournament

เมื่อเทียบกับ RHG RHG

An RHG Battle is a fun animation idea where one animator challenges another animator to an animation duel with both their RHGs (charaters).

You can challenge someone to an RHG battle via private message, on their RHG thread/profile page or by irc.

As long as you have a valid gladiator, If the opponent accepts the challenge, both users must animate a battle between both of their RHG gladiators. Meaning, you start animating your RHG fighting against your opponent's RHG, and they must do the same. Once both animations are completed, one person can post the links to the animations together on a forum thread/article with a poll, or ask an administrator or forum moderator to add a poll to the thread, so that people can vote. The animation with the most votes wins.

They are always two (2) sides to an RHG Bttle, unless one person forfiets. Meaning: If you've finished your battle and your opponent has quit, you may post a thread stating that your opponent forfeit with a link to your battle. You automatically win by default. These animations dont need to be very long, Only as long as you think it takes to beat your opponent. The first challenges were performed in the Rock Hard Gladiators Tournaments which were first featured on Fluidanims

Some of the first RHG Battles can be found here: Fluidanims Battle Archive

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