In this RHG #1 battle, Richard will fight Jomm in the Rock hard Gladiators tournament! Anyway Jomm charged at Richard with his big sword and then he sliced and kicked Richard, making him spit out a green liquid then he sliced Richard again and punched him but then Richard punched and kicked Jomm and kept kicking. Richard then turned into a box and get Jomm stuck inside him Jomm then sliced the box open making Richard turn back and fall back to the ground far away, he leaked green stuff. Then all of a sudden Richard turned into a razor blade and headed for Jomm! "What is that?..." Jomm asked confused while scratching the back of his neck with his sword. "OH SHIT!" Jomm said as he realized what is was and he ran away. The razor blade Richard chased him but Jomm countered it with his amazing sword. Richard then turned into a car and ran Jomm over and while bloodied Jomm started to get back up but was still laying down as he noticed Richard was still a car and was heading for him again! Richard then turned into a hammer though about to squash a wounded Jomm and as Jomm got back up he moved out the way and then he sliced Richard with his sword and Richard was spinning in the air. Then out of no where while losing balance Richard slashed Jomm with his arm and Jomm dropped his sword and was laying on the ground helpless Richard walked up to him and grabbed him but then Jomm grabbed his hand and slapped him and Richard fell to the ground too! But Richard got back up and Jomm got back up too and grabbed his sword. Jomm sliced Richards way but he ducked to avoid getting his head chopped off but Jomm hit him with the sword on the head! Then Richard quickly punched Jomm a few times then Jomm started to punch Richard but Richard punched back and punched so hard that Jomm dropped his sword next to the right of Richard and he shriveled up in a blood squiggle, Jomm was laying on the ground and Richard quickly took advantage and grabbed Jomm's sword and then he sliced Jomm in his head. RICHARD WINS!

Richard vs Jomm

The cover picture

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