In this Rock Hard Gladiators battle Mr. Pix will fight FLLFFL/Alfa basically Geo vs Terkoiz.

So anyway still battle starts with Mr. Pix and FLLFFL under a highway that had train tracks on top. First FLLFFL charges at Mr. Pix but Mr. Pix jumps over him and grows and stretches then kicks him. Then he kicks FLLFFL in the air. FLLFFL is hanging on the train tracks by his sword then Mr. Pix pulls him down and throws him to the other side. Then they both charge at each other but FLLFFL kicks Mr. Pix down. Then he climbs on the highway then jumps down and slices Mr. Pix in the face. Mr. Pix is now covering his face. FLLFFL then charges up to Mr. Pix and keeps kicking him and slicing him until his sword turns purple. He swung Mr. Pix until he flew on the train tracks but Mr. Pix held on then FLLFFL threw his sword and Mr. Pix's stomach then it disappeared and then FLLFFL would climb up the highway and get on the train track too. Then FLLFFL charged at Mr. Pix but Mr. Pix got fat then skinny again and just jumped over him to the other side of the train tracks. Then Mr. Pix started crawling with a fat body and he spit the purple stuff coming out of FLLFFLs sword at FLLFFL and FLLFFL backed up a little. Then Mr. Pix got skinny and got up. Then FLLFFL charged at Mr. Pix and chopped all of his limbs off. But Mr. Pix used his stomach and stretched it and pushed FLLFFL with it making him fall in the air like a spring. Mr. Pix then put his arms and legs back on. Mr. Pix then circled around then circled around the highway with his feet facing FLLFFL so when he fell back down hed kick him. He kicked him 3 times. And then kicked him to the ground. Mr. Pix then jumped down but when he did FLLFFL started fighting him with punches and kicks. But then FLLFFL was pushed by Mr. Pix back on the train track! Then FLLFFL charged at Mr. Pix but FLLFFL stretched so FLLFFL's face was facing Mr. Pix's leg! Then Mr. Pix jumped over a train that was coming. And it ran over FLLFFL giving Mr. Pix the win! So Mr. Pix wins!
File:RHG - Mr. Pix vs. FLLFFL (Geo vs Terkoiz)

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