This man has been killed many times but just kept coming back to life. His minion used to be Bard but he turned on him for Braga but now Mauron has the mighty dragon, Begel on his side. A fire breathing monster! His real identity is unknown no one has seen his face it is thought to be hitious as he wears a mask only showing his possessed eyes to cover it. Mauron has killed Brandydalf but he was just resurrected as Brandydalf the grey he was killed once again but resurrected as Brandydalf the White this time. He battled Mauron until he had him defeated but then Begel set him unfire and he was burnt to death and never resurrected. Then it was Bragas job to destroy Mauron and Begel and Mount Boom. He attempted to destroy Begel with Bard as Baramourn aided them but he was just set unfire and Bard was injured so they both had to rest. Braga went back to it but this time he was after Mauron! He attempted to defeat Mauron at Mount Boom but Mauron was just too much and apparently it looked like Braga was not ready and he was stabbed and killed In the chest by Mauron. Baramourn then attempted to kill Mauron and it worked but Mauron just came back as he was resurrected by the dragon but Baramourn didn't care he just wanted to defeat the dragon so Mauron would no longer be invincible and it worked the dragon shot fire at him but he jumped over it and sliced his head off, just that fast the dragon was slayed! Mauron was no longer invincible but remains alive for now.


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