Lithos is a character created by someone by the name of No-El. He's currently in a RHG battle with someone named Mr.Michael.


Lithos was born into a Sicilian American family on a small island called Qlulp Chain Island, he grew up with 1 younger sister, 1 baby brother and one twin sister. When he turned 17 he graduated high school early along with his twin sister and when into college. One day in college a science experiment went completely wrong and a virus broke out, the virus was called the Exno Virus, the virus spread throughout the air. Almost everyone in the school was infected with the virus. The virus killed more than 80 people in less than 2 minutes. However, Lithos, his sister along with a few other scientists(Including the person who accidentally caused the virus) had took a shot to make them resistant to the virus, however Lithos had already consumed part of the virus and the shot merged both acids together which gave him th ability to manipulate Acyte, a certain crystal that's hidden deep underground and is very poisonous if eaten or drank. The virus broke out before everyone was able to take the shot. The entire island was evacuated along with his family. More than 800,000 thousand people were killed. Currently, the island is still home to the virus, it currently has a dome over the entire island containing the virus until they find a way to eliminate the virus. Lithos escaped with his entire family and they all ended up in Australia. His grandparents were later killed in a bombing during a charity event shortly after graduating at age 22. The bombing not only killed over 200 people, but it also contained the same virus that was made by the student back in college. Lithos got his own house and then began to investigate and find the same student who released it. He then at one point find out where the student was, and decided to train for 4 years before confronting the student. However, the student was then found dead in a ditch, he was stabbed multiple times in the neck. Lithos then thought about the survivors of the virus. He is now currently still trying to find out who released the virus recently. His entire family(Except his grandparents. ) is still currently alive and well.


vs Mr.Michael WON


Tech pad - A tech pad that tracks heartbeats and nearby acyte.


Peak Human Condition

Increased Durability

Acyte Manipulation