Kill Crazy Jay

This is Crazy Jay, the person you have to kill

  • Death by hanging - a noose is slowly lowered and a Crazy jay looks up it wraps around his neck and pulls tightly upwards.
  • Death by disarm- A stick comes in rips Crazy Jay's arms of throughs them at jay the lift jay up and crush his head into the wall. by Bubbleman
  • Death by hand - Ln3up comes in and tries to attck Crazy Jay, But jays moving too fast so Ln3up turns into a hand and throws Jay through the wall off the cliff by Ln3up.
  • Death by Pickaxe - an odd stick comes in and tries to attack jay. Jay knocks him down to the ground the celebrates, but all of a sudden the stick get s up and staps Jay in the head with the pickaxe and runs off taking the pickaxe with him. by Pepeto
  • Death by Baseball - a stick carrying a bat walks over to Jay. Jay stars by doing martial arts moves and just before he attacks the stick gives jay the bat and shows him the ball Jay nods and smiles. Just before the stick throws the all the camera zooms in on the ball revealing it to be a bomb. the stick throws the ball and just as Jay hits it it explodes leaving only an uninjured stick man and Jay's head. By Spazzy-Z
  • Death by Kung-fu - Crazy Jay finally met his match as he fought with this stick in the end Jay went flying through the wall. by Stickmasterx
  • Death by back up - A green stick charges at Jay then charges again Jay dodges and the guy smashes his head against the wall. By John2938
  • Death by cliff fall - Jcamera comes in and throws Jay at the wall making a hole then Jay through Jcamera at the wall making the hole bigger Jcamera dissappered and reappeared in the other side of the wall and grabbed Crazy Jay and pulled him through then they Broke through anorther wall and ended up outside the death arena. Jcamera then punch jay of the cliff and down a hill withe a load of sharp rocks and got grounded to a paste. By Jcamera
  • Death by sword - a stick comes in and stabs Crazy jay and through him throws through the chimney the stick follows and as jay hits the roof the stick stabs him again. By Bloodshot

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