Joe Zombie is just basically a stick zombie but although that, not your average every day zombie he actually has a brain so he can think but he also eats brains too and he appears in the Joe Zombie series. Anyway Joe Zombie is a dark green stickman with a bald light green head and has a taste for eating brains. He appears in TopStick and lasts really long but he doesn't win and he though of Mad Faise as a stickman with out a huge brain because he huge in the tournament so he tried to eliminated Mad Faise but before he could they both got caught in a huge explosion by Andre/Andre Jr. and his dad Andre the Giant/Andre Sr. and they both were eliminated. He is a popular stickman for the Joe Zombie series but still though Joe is a zombie and he is scary and eats brains. He had also had a rivalry with Rob Denbleyker but never got to eat him though.
Joe Zombie

Joe Zombie driving a car to his next victim