Jade's RHG icon

I'm just going to tell you this for now... PREPARE FOR WAR
— Jade to clan members
Jade is a dark-pink Rock hard Gladiator with long violet purple hair and light green eyes. She wields ancient relic fans imbued with fiery powers and is also the main leader of a clan called Nemesis. She is very well known and respected in the stick figure community.

Background Story

As a child, Jade was very close to her family, honor to protect the ancient fans pass down from generation to generation. Knowing how rare and powerful the fans are, bandits will desire to hunt and find the fans. Lead by three unknown men, their group of bandits manage to find the fans' location, destroying Jade's home and killing her father in the process. Jade's mother manage to help Jade and her younger sister escape out of their burning-village and into a nearby river. She gave the fans to Jade and told her to runaway with them.

As they were saying their last good-byes, the three bandit leaders spotted Jade and her remaining family. Without any hesitation Jade's mother and younger sister fled away. As Jade was drifting away with a canoe to the river's course, a bandit jumped in and attack her on the canoe. Trying to defend for herself she used the fans for the first time, the fans blazed out its mystical fire powers and blasted the bandit out of the canoe. After her escape and the discovery of the fans, she vow to have her revenge to the three bandits who ruined her life.

During her travels she met Vlak, an RHG gunner. Generously, Vlak gave his time to train Jade. Several years past and Jade's now a skill trained warrior. She then heard rumors about an RHG described very similar to her attacker, she decided to officially join the RHG tournament in search of her father's killers.


  • vs Stink3r — WIN
  • vs Bob — WIN
  • vs Baloney —LOSS
  • vs Gildedguy — NO CONTEST

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