I bet your wondering stuff about stickpage with much questions and I have much answers

QUESTION: When was Stickpage first made?

ANSWER: Late 1999 and back then it was named Stickmen until 2005

QUESTION: Why is Crazy Jay the mascot and most popular?

ANSWER: He won TopStick

QUESTION: Why is the website named Stickpage?

ANSWER: It is a page with stickmen

QUESTION: Who is the weakest stickman on stickpage?

ANSWER: Shouta

QUESTION: Which game is the most played on Stickpage?

ANSWER: Stick War

QUESTION: Who made Stickpage in 1999?

ANSWER: Anthony John Bausal and some friends into stickmen

QUESTION: What stickmen has John created on his own?

ANSWER: Sticky, John2938(himself), Andre the Giant, Olivia, Crazy Kay, and many more on this site.

QUESTION: When was the RHG first created

ANSWER: 2005

More coming soon just wait...

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