Homerun bat


Baseball bat
The legend of Comat Tournament
First appearance
Combat Tournament 2010

Home-Run-Bat stay in his box in character select in Combat Tournament Legends

Home-Run-Bat was a teen who loved playing baseball. But one day,he meet a stranger.He said "My name's Mr. Slapstic.Do you want to have some money?"."How? I'm just a teen."-said Home-Run-Bat."By combat with buddies. You have a bat.It's a good weapon.You can have lots of money with this."-said stranger."OK."-said Home-Run-Bat.Then,he became a very good fighter by training with his friend,Mr. Slapstic,but then, Home-Run-Bat betrayed him and joined the Hammy team.And at the end he just became the loner..Home-Run-Bat is a  playable character from the game Combat Tournament Legends. He wields a baseball bat, hence the name.He has fast, weak hits consisting of rapid punches and kicks and can also hit hard with his bat.

Physical Description

Home-Run-Bat has dark green skin as well as a blue and brown hat. He also has a beige baseball bat that can sometimes turn red during some powerful attacks.

Fighting Techniques

Home-Run-Bat fights with lightning fast jabs and kicks as well as his baseball bat. Home-Run-Bat's ground attacks are usually his fists and feet, with the exception of his forward strong attack. In the air, however, Home-Run-Bat only uses his bat to deal devastating blows. He also has access to energy beams as his special attack makes him shoot an energy laser in front of him.

Similar Characters

  • Blue Box: Blue Box is exactly like Home-Run-Bat except he is blue and has a cube head. He too appears in Combat Tournament Legend in the second fight and is not a playable character..
  • Tri-Head AKA Black Chicken: Tri-Head appears in Combat Tournament Legends in the 5th fight. He has a black body and a yellow triangle for a head.
  • Rice:Rice is a light blue character with a light blue bat.He has a brother,Beens,he is also light blue.


  • Home-Run-Bat is one of the starter characters along with Mr.Slapstic