This is a very fun stickman game not really a stickpage game but it has stickmen in it. You start off going to heaven and asking God to give you your friend back "I suppose I could." he says. He quickly goes to sleep. You then go on Gods computer and find this thing called "Gods Playing Field" You play it and you have fun as you get to smash people, STICKMEN, witches, cars, and more. With stuff you buy. The more you kill the more money you get and the more money you get the more stuff. You have to save up money until you get enough to buy a nuke and once you get it you use it on the stickmen on the other objects and you win the game! There is also a part 2 to this.
Gods Playing Field

You in Gods Playing Field trying to kill Stickmen, caterpillars, tanks, and more with a UFO

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