Foxtail is a Rock Hard Gladiator created by Armandthedog


As her name suggests, Foxtail features specific traits: she's a red stickman with the ears and the tail of a fox; additionally, she is usually shown having brown hairs as well


About her personality, she is a carefree, naive girl that can be categorized as a "tsundere": she is initially cold and hostile to other people, to then show a warmer side over time. Lastly, she is a lezbeehonest (different than a lesbian)


Not much is known about Foxtail's origin

She was born abandoned in a dense forest. A wolf pack took care of her. Years later when she was 7, Magus passed through the forest and saw her. Sense something valuable from her, Magus adopts her. Because of his canine traits, Foxtail thinks of him as a mighty brother and decides to follow him around, eventually entering in his clan, Ministry.

In the Ministry, Foxtail is highly protected by Magus. And over looked by Nero


While acting jolly, Foxtail can stand her ground when it comes to fighting, be it thanks to her astonishing agility, or by something else...

Agile Fighter

Foxtail's main strength is here agility: she can move fast and evade most hits, while also being able to unleash devastating combos. Although she has 2 metal claws to aid her, she attacks mostly with her kicks

Her agility, however, is also her weakness: she is not capable of enduring hits. This means that an opponent has only to hit her hard once to make her crumble


Through her looks, Foxtail can easily seduce her opponents. However, if the opponents are not into girls or if they are gay, it does not work


Foxtail vs Mr MI - DRAW BY DEFAULT


  • Foxtail was first created on 21 January 2013 under user "Armageddon". However, since Armageddon was banned, she was reuploaded again on 2 July 2015 under user "Armandthedog"
  • Her favorite food is spaghetti
  • She has a family-like bond with the rest of her clan

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