In this RHG No. 5 battle Fox and Mr. Pix will fight! Mr. Pix started walking by a outdoor pool and on the other side was FoxNQ with a backpack he then took it off and turned into a slingshot and slingshotted Mr. Pix. Mr. Pix then turned it into some kind of goo! Then FoxNQ charged at Mr. Pix but Mr. Pix pushed him right down. Then while laying down Fox turned the goo into a hammer. Then Mr. Pix made a hammer of his own with his arms. He attempted to hit FoxNQ but he moved out the way but a huge explosion occurred and both fell away from each other. Then Mr. Pix pulled a tree and leaves fell at FoxNQ then Fox turns the leaves into power blasters on his hands like boxing gloves he then punches Mr. Pix multiple times. FoxNQ keeps punching and kicking him. Then Mr. Pix fights back with agility and jumps into Fox's diabolical hands. But FoxNQ throws him off so far that he lands into the pool but Mr. Pix jumps out out of no where and he strangles Fox and Fox disappears so Mr. Pix wins!
Fox vs Mr. Pix

Mr. Pix sneaking up on Fox

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