Fancy pants man
Fancy Pants

Fancy pants

Active gaming
Super jump, canon ball speed roll, acrobatics
Formal State
Unique, Original character
Brad Borne and Ts7 (theseraj7)

 Fancy Pants is a main character in many flash games created by Brad Borne and Ts7 (theseraj7). He is sent on many missions in different worlds. He is a stick figure with spiky, choppy hair, wearing only a pair of colored triangular-shaped pants. Facny Pants uses a pencil as his weapon and he can draw anything and make i come to life, he usually uses it to draws doors as teleportation device to enter different worlds or adventures, he also uses his pencil as a golf stick to pitch snail shells at targets/opponents. Fancy Pants is a protagonist and a cool guy, who loves ice-cream but hate rabbits. He fears giant spiders and can be kill with normal projectiles. His agility and acrobatics allows him to evade certain attacks by ninjas and pirates, but he has no super human abilities.


Fancy Pants Adventure 1

Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Top Stick

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