The Battle Starts With FLLFFL Walking Towards Tarantula saying "lright, lets get this over with..." Tarantula Stays Silent, but 4 Black Spots Grow on his Back which Form Into 4 Spider Legs. FLLFFL Takes a Step Back and Says "Shit Son..." Tarantula's Legs Are Waving About Now, but suddenly seems He's Going to Throw Himself on the Floor. The battle then stars, with Tarantula saying "Welcome to hell, my friend" and he got power from Saint. Then Tarantula attacks FLLFFL heavily, then FLLFFL is caught in a hole bunch of Tarantulas legs but he powers and unleashes his true power and slices through them and then he escapes then he is in the air and he slices Tarantula in the chest and keeps slicing him with his long blade over and over again striking back then he throws him up in the air and smashes his face into his sword, burning Tarantula's face, and says "Welcome to hell my friend." thus making FLLFFL the victor of the battle!
File:FLLFFL vs Tarantula

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