Dark Park is a very interesting and good series. But it is not a game. So anyway this started off when a random and sad stickman with a winter hat went to a park in the morning and sat on a bench when all of a sudden a killer known as "The Kill Box" knocked his head off later it was found out that the person was Pennie. Later that night these three stickmen drove to the same park and got out the car to observe because they saw a dead head. The 3 stickmen were Kyle, Jase, and Jimmy. Kyle wore the hat to observe better and easier. Kyle quickly pulled out a gun. He only had 2. He was the leader of the group. He grabbed one then told Jase and Jimmy to share the other gun. Kyle gave the gun to Jimmy. They quickly split up in the woods of the park. Jase and Jimmy went to one side and Kyle went to the other. The Kill Box quickly followed Jase and Jimmy to the side of the woods that they were at. Then Jase and Jimmy were shocked as they approached a big hole. They wondered who digged it. As they were distracted the Kill Box quickly pushed Jase into the hole so Jimmy tried to shoot him but he missed! Jimmy was scared straight, he quickly ran for his life he was going to tell Kyle but before he could the Kill Box quickly jumped on him and his head fell off, Kyle witnessed Jimmy die! He was going too die now! He quickly got help from someone named Harry Stickman he had a gun. And he helped Kyle by shooting the Kill Box's head off. Then somehow the Kill Box put his head back on and Kyle and Harry were shocked. The Kill Box was mad and began to chase Harry into the woods Harry ran and ran for his life when finally he saw dynamite then he grabbed it and he lit it up with a match and threw it at the Kill Box and he exploded. But the Kill Box some how put his whole body back together then he strangled Kyle until he passed out. Then he had Harry at a dead end and he was about to kill him. Only a miracle could have saved Harry at this point but all of a sudden Jase jumped out of the hole out of no where that the Kill Box pushed him in with a spear and he charged at the kill box and he quickly stabbed him in the heart saving Harry. The Kill Box lay on the ground stunned. Jase kept stabbing the Kill Box in the heart over and over again until he stopped moving the 3 survivors, Jase, Harry, and Kyle assumed that he was dead. They quickly drove off leaving the Kill Box's dead corpse on the ground. The problem was solved. And for all of you who loved the story DARK PARK 2 IS COMING SOON!

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Random Stickman with winter hat (Pennie)