Crazy Jay is the first Stick Figure Character on Stickpage. He hasn't quite joined the Rock Hard Gladiators, but is still consider a RHG. CJ can be seen in many Stickpage games  and is the posterboy for Stickpage. CJ's First appearance was in Operation Crazy Jay 1999. He is a dark grey stick figure with a blue/grey bandana wrapped around his forehead. He is sometimes seen with several bruises and cuts due to his constant fighting. He open the gateway for many rhgs to join and have a new home.

Crazy Jay is also the stick figure mascot for Stickpage. He stars in many games on Stickpage and is usully seen as a dark grey ninja wearing a bandana.

Crazy Jay, as said before, his real name is Jason and he is the actual creator of Stickpage itself and an actual animator/game designer at Stickpage, known for his successful games such as Stick War and Stick Empires


Operation: Chop-Stick

Operation: Dance Dance

Operation: BAD Intro

Game appearances

Kill Crazy Jay

Fighters Rampage

Kill The Spartan