Coma is a Rock Hard Gladiator created by Rythm



#336600 (body)
None (main)
Power/Ability Copying
Formal State
Original RHG


As many other RHGs, he did not feature any distinctive traits, being a plain stickman. However, in the Great Battle of Knight and Balance, he's shown wearing the clan Knight's uniform. After the fight, he now wears a black helmet too


Coma's personality is rather peculiar, as he's one of the few RHGs to change his way of thinking fight after fight. At the beginning rebellious and easy-going, after the Great Battle he starts to slowly give himself to brutality and cruelty, becoming more corrupted as time goes on


Coma was born without never knowing about his parents, but having instead gained from the birth his peculiar power. Not having received love, he grew as a rebel, playing around with other people and their powers

As he kept growing, he found himself more and more lonely. Because of this, he decided to go on a journey to find his family

However, the journey did not go as expected: instead of finding his family, he ended creating a new one. His life was by then marked by the influence of such new group, the clan Knight

After the Great Battle of Knight and Balance, Coma, exhausted from the fight, woke up to find himself alone again: his clan was no more, with 3 of its members dead and the other 2 apparentely missing. The only thing that remained was the former leader's black helmet, which Coma decided to wear as a vow for revenge: he swore to make it pay to whoever killed his clan

After having done some researches, he came to realize that his main targets are none other that the 2 missing members, with one of them being the former Knight leader. From this, Coma assumed that it was actually the leader to leave the helmet behind as a challenge to Coma himself, so that he would move to avenge his clan

In his ongoing quest, Coma started to act more viciously, more cruelly, slowing changing into a ruthless murderer. While travelling, he encountered a rogue RHG who was able to notice Coma's growing inner darkness. By exploiting Coma's corruption, the rogue was able to manipulate him, forcing him to join the clan Nirvana, a group made up by vicious criminals

As Coma helped out Nirvana in the realization of their plans, he became more corrupted than before...


Coma's powers allow him to force his opponents to fight their worst enemies: themselves...

Power/Ability Copying

Coma is able to copy any power and/or ability of any person he comes in contact with. Although he copies all the weaknesses of the acquired power too, he gains full knowledge of it, meaning that not only he can use it at its fullest, but also that he knows any possible attack the opponent may use


Coma vs Kaice - WON


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