This game is way more fun than Classroom 1 so anyway you go to a new school, high school. You are introduced to the class then someone named "Samuel" says "psssst come over here newbie!" While the teacher is not looking you go over Samuel says "Meet me in the bathroom, 2:00, study hall!" he says. Samuel was a white stickman. You go to the bathroom at 2:00 you see Samuel and 2 other stickmen 1 yellow, 1 pink. He introduces them to you. A boy named Samuel and a girl named Melanie. You join their group, Samuel tells you to just copy off of him. When you get to class you have to copy off him by walking up to him and clicking on him until your cheat bar gets up to the top, but make sure the teacher doesn't catch you anyway you do this for multiple levels.

Classroom 2 as you are about to learn about chemistry before Samuel whispers to you.

Walkthrough for Classroom2

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