This is Cladder and he is Sticky boys brother and he is 10 just like Stickboy and his dad is Stickman and Cladder is older than Stickman because his birthday is one month before stickman and also their mom died and there mom is stick women so Cladder and Stick boy were sad but there dad told them "dont worry shes in heaven and shes watching over us so shes not dead shes alive". Also Cladder and Sticky boy like to play with each other and also cladder had yellow hair that has spikes going down to the bottom he also has long yellow curves on the lower bottom of his hair. So any way I will show you the life cycle of Cladder and his family so any way first...

Time Line

Baby Cladder

First Cladder is born

Cladder and his brother

Next Stickboy (his brother) is born


Cladder all grown up

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