Chuck vs Nhazul

The battle for Chuck and Nhazul!

Chuck is next to a construction site he sees Nhazul there he quickly slaps Nhazul with a nunchuck and Nhazul kicks him back and does a spin kick. Chuck ducks somehow and kicks Nhazul. Nhazul hits him with his cross and drop kicks him, Chuck hits Nhazul with his nunchucks again then and then Nhazul uses his cross. They both charge at eachother with their weapons. When they touch it makes a huge explosion. Both lost their weapons. Nhazul got stuck in a hole. Chuck was stuck on a ladder he quickly climbed it then he jumped from that high and he drop kicked Nhazul. Nhazul somehow got up and did a combo of kicks to Chuck and then a spin kick. As he though it was over he walked away but then Chuck quickly kicked Nhazul and he went crazy and kicked Nhazul again multiple times and he went through an under construction building and... Chuck wins the battle!

Chuck vs Nhazul

Chuck and Nhazul during their fight

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