This is a Rock hard Gladiators fight produced by Fluidnams. Anyway Chuck and Alfa/FLLFFL are charging at each other when all of a sudden these black stickman start shooting them, they fight them off and after that Chuck kicks a black stickmans head off and Alfa slices one in the head. The whole building explodes. "Good job Buddy!" Chuck says. "What about our fight?" Alfa asked. "Nahhh forget it I didn't want to fight you anyway!" Chuck says. "Me neither." Alfa says. "Hey you want to get something to eat?" Alfa asks. "Sure." Chuck said. They walk together to a restaurant or to get to one. But all of a sudden Chuck attacks Alfa and Alfa flys off the screen. Chuck tricked him and Chuck had one the battle!
Chuck vs Alfa

The battle intro

RHG Chuck defeats Alfa

A picture of Chuck defeating Alfa

File:Rock Hard Gladiators Chuck vs Alfa FLLFFL

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