He is a wizard/sorcerer. Who just used to be named Brandydalf until he went to Mount Boom and fought Mauron he was going to kill him for his ally Braga. But he got killed trying and he was resurrected by Baramourn as Brandydalf the Grey he decided to fight Mauron but he thought he wasn't ready so he aimed for Bard. He was about to defeat Bard when all of a sudden he low blowed him and ran away. Brandydalf was mad because he claimed he would get his revenge on his eventually but he never did because Bard would soon be persuaded by Braga to turn good and he did! So anyway really quick Gandalf is an old black stickman with a long moustache and beard and a sorcery hat. He looks something like Mac Wizard. He also a wand to grant wishes. But also a cane to help him walk. He is the one who made The One Ring. Only he has power over it. He then fought Mauron again and was about to defeat him but was once again killed. Baramourn then resurrected him as Brandydalf the White. This would be the last time he could be resurrected so if he died this time then he would stay dead. Brandydalf then fought Mauron one more time and used his magic to defeat him but Mauron was just once again resurrected. Before Braga is ready to fight the mighty dragon Begel Brandydalf decides to tell him to stay back because hes not ready. Brandydalf fights the mighty Begel and is set unfire! He dies and is never able to be resurrected. Braga wanted to avenge Gandalf but he wasn't ready so he was also killed and Bard was injured. Baramourn would then slay the dragon to avenge Brandydalf!


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