Character Bio: Bog is a mysterious entity and it isn't clear what motives he has in mind to pursue. Little is known of Bog and so it is hard to predict what he will do in order to kill. Bog is usually neutral but if he begins to get hungry he and his blood will search for living things to eat and will not be swayed or stopped so easily. 


Powers and Abilities

Weapon/Power: He can control and manipulate his own acidic blood at will using it in various supernatural ways. Bog can control how viscous and how acidic his blood can be, whether it be solid or liquid, and whether it be corrosive or non corrosive. He also has the power to perform rituals and cast spells.

Strengths: Very fast and agile, strong, misleading and manipulative.

Weaknesses: Heat, fire, blunt objects and if his head is cut or blown off, it will take slightly longer time to regenerate than any other body part, causing him to slow down.


Bog vs Malus WIN

Bog vs Crylex WIN

Bog vs Blue WIN

Bog & Yupia vs Syn & Hue WIN

Bog vs Gildedguy DRAW


Personality: Bog is unusually quiet although he tends to act upon impulse and can become very frantic. He also likes to smile at any moment, sometimes it describes his happiness, sometimes it describes his madness too. He is considered by other fighters as threatening because of his unorthodox of defeating his victims, he either will let his smaller acidic creatures eat his opponents facial region, or in some cases he will eat his enemies entire head.