This is a very fun strategy game on stickpage where you're a black colored student at a private school and getting ready for another normal day of math class, having reached the door of your classroom however... DUN DUN DUN... the fun begins! First you go to school and to your class, room 306 but however you noticed that it is closed and that the class is completely empty! Then you go to the principals office to see Mr. Weed but Mr. Weed is sleep! You decide to wake him up to get your class schedule. Then you ask Mr. Weed to give you the paper. He says "here catch" and throws it. You must grab it or else it slices you giving you a paper cut in your neck and killing you! Then you see that its Monday and you need to get to the gym for physical education. You want to take certain stairs to the gym. You don't take the west stairs because if you do Mrs. Catherine will stop you and expel you! So you either take the Main Stairs on East Stairs. While on either one descend casually or else you die from going out the window from sliding on the railing. Now you have 3 choices when close to the gym. Go to the snack bar for a snack or go to the water fountain for a drink or straight to the gym. The wisest choice is just to go straight to the gym. And as you walk in you see that the gym is empty of your class as well! However you look at the clock and see it's 7:59 and just changing to 8:00 and school doesn't start still 8:30!! You realize you've been running for a half an hour now. Then you'll realize the time has been set back you have came to school too early. And you yell in frustration.

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